How To Get Podcast Sponsors


Be yourself: Of the dozens of seasoned podcast hosts who lent me their advice, this was the most repeated tip. nerves happen, …

How to Get Sponsors for Your Podcast. Image via Shutterstock. There's no single way to strike sponsorships with brands, but there are a couple of tried-and-tested ways that you can find potential sponsors as well as helpful information about pitching, pricing, and encouraging sales (or clicks)…

Dec 18, 2012  · There are many ways to make money with your podcast (not to be confused with getting rich). The best of these methods is to obtain a sponsor that works with you exclusively. Often times this will result in more money, more customization, and an overall better …

This sponsored podcast was produced in association with Tes Institute, which has helped many TAs become qualified teachers through its Straight to Teaching course.

Blubrry and Libsyn offer their sponsorship services for smaller audiences, though. If this is the option for you, then you’ll find our podcast hosting roundup here which has a lot more detail. 2. Sponsorship Agencies. If you’d prefer to keep your hosting and your sponsorship separate, then a dedicated sponsorship agency might work for you.

The aim in sponsorship is to build long lasting relationships. If you can find two or three sponsors who are super-relevant and who get consistent results with your listeners, then it can lead to a hugely beneficial relationship for both parties. Less chasing, less negotiating, and more creating great content, attracting an even bigger audience.

Jan 23, 2018  · How to Monetize Your Podcast with Sponsors: Pitching, Pricing and Ad Sales 101. So you’re a podcaster and you want to make some money. You set up a Patreon and sketched out some merch ideas, but you hear that ads are where the real dollars are.

How Podcast sponsorship works. prices for podcast sponsorships are typically based on the number of average downloads. sponsors pay on a cost per mille basis. (mille is Latin for thousand.) Rates range from $18 to $50 CPM, though podcasts like This American Life or HowStuffWorks with millions of listeners can pull in a lot more. Sponsors also like to measure their cost per acquisition to discover …

How do you get sponsors, set fair prices, and incorporate ads into your show without ruining it—all as an independent podcaster? This is how much sponsors will pay per 1,000 downloads of your podcast, views of your video, or impressions on your tweet/Instagram/Facebook post.

If you get more than 36,000 podcast downloads … is Senior Director of Global Marketing & Communications at AdColony.

This is how you will not only get more sponsors, but also how you will get more influential sponsors. Hard work is the key component of any success! 4. Don't be afraid to start with smaller sponsorships and allow them to grow with your podcast or video series.

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