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She is the author of Mastering Adulthood … everyone and welcome to this week’s episode of the Psych Central Show podcast. My name is Gabe Howard and with me as always is Vincent M.

The headphone market is massive. When deciding which headphones will give you the best bang for your buck, it’s important to first know what you’re going to be using your headphones for. Whether you’r…

Best Podcast Headphones Under $50 Looking for a pair of affordable portable headphones? consumer reports has a list of top picks, all available for under

win izotope ozone 7 – Tweet #shinymix #ozone7 to @sonicstate @izotopeinc (this code only works for this weeks show) The go to tool for final mix processing and mastering … unconventional Nervana sti…

Inexpensive Podcast Headphones I know… what a weird title for a video… but how else do you describe what we are doing here?
Starter Headphones For Podcast Videopro is an Australia-Wide retailer with stores across Brisbane and the Gold Coast Join more than 200,000 other people and

First things first there isn’t a mic specific for recording rap vocals. If you listen to all types of rap songs you’ll notice rappers use different mics in their recordings. In the 80’s they used dynamic mics which gave the vocals a more boxy sound. In the 90’s when condenser mics gained popular

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Mastering on Headphones ?! - Episode #50 | The Mastering Show Podcast iZotope develops award-winning audio software and plug-ins for mixing, mastering, restoration, and more.

Girl Headphones Recording Podcast Silohette Why Is Sound So Low In My Bluetooth Headphones Overcast Podcast Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, November 29, 2018 –

Audeze’s Sankar Thiagasamudram was curious if I’d be interested in his company’s latest effort – the 9 usd mobius – targeted mainly at gamers and multi-channel audio-mastering professionals in …

Good sound quality usually means you’re going to be spending a little more than you want. Just take a look at the Focal Clear headphones we recently reviewed that will run you $1,499. But every now and then you find something that doesn’t cost too much and sounds great.

The first step when it comes to how to start a podcast is to have your equipment and software in place. As we’ve mentioned, all that really means is a microphone and a set of headphones … informatio…

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